National Park Service Veteran and Historic Preservation Leader Slated to Speak at CHT Exchange

Stephanie Toothman, PhD, will deliver the pre-luncheon address on Thursday, focusing on issues impacting the stewardship and sustainability of our country’s cultural, historic and natural resources. As Associate Director for Cultural Resources, Partnerships and Science for the National Park Service, Stephanie is responsible for historic preservation and cultural resource management programs in 401 national parks and partnership programs that document and preserve U.S. history, including the National Historic Landmark and National Register of Historic Places programs. Previously, she served as NPS chief of cultural resource park and partnership programs for the Pacific West Region. During her 35-year career with the NPS, she has also served as a preservation planner in Washington, DC, and as regional historian, acting superintendent at Crater Lake National Park and the National Mall and Memorial Parks, and as acting director of the Interior Department’s Office of Youth.